Support H.R. 411 Fort McClellan Health Registry Act

12 Aug 12 Join Ft McClellan Vets Free Speech Facebook Group

Join our original and only free speech group for Ft McClellan Toxic Exposure Veterans. You can speak out on any subject. This group is an Open group and open to the public which makes it a true free speech group. Free Speech groups that are closed groups are hiding from the public and are not true free speech groups.

Ft McClellan Vets Free Speech Group

03 Feb 12 Join Our Ft McClellan Vets Group At Facebook

Join our Ft McClellan Toxic Exposure Attention Veterans Group at Facebook, click the link below:

Join Our Ft McClellan Vets Group at Facebook

07 Sep 11 Support H.R. 2052 Ft McClellan Health Registry Act

If you are all web savy…please build more web pages concerning Ft McClellan exposure. The more we get this out in the public, the better it will be. Need to spread the word to all the vets who were stationed at Ft McClellan and make them aware. (more…)