Support H.R. 411 Fort McClellan Health Registry Act

08 Sep 11 I Support H.R. 411 Fort McClellan Health Registry Act Because….

I support H.R. 411: Fort McClellan Health Registry Act because… I was stationed in the US Army at Ft McClellan AL from March 1971 until April 1972. I became so sick while there and was hospitalized for 9 days at Noble Army Hospital. I was healthy, according to my Army entrance physical exam before I was ordered to Ft McClellan. I have been so sick ever since with med problems that my family does not even have or recognize.

I Honorably served this country to the best of my ability and this is what I get for my service….denials and more denials from Veterans Affairs regarding my medical claims. I feel truly BETRAYED by my country when I gave my life to serve. Please approve and support H. R. 411 Fort McClellan Health Registry Act.
I am not the only one exposed to hazardous and toxic chemicals at Ft McClellan…there are 10s of thousands of us who suffer similar medical problems.

The Gulf War Vets, Vietnam, Marines all got their recognition for exposure and got compensated, why forget about us men and women who served honorably, unaware that we were exposed, from Ft McClellan.

I intend to educate and post many, web pages regarding the Toxic Chemical Exposure at Ft McClellan Al..

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    I to was and served my Country at Ft. McClellan went into to in November of 1969 started having health problems and then got hurt had to have leg surgery came out with a limp and no longer could run or do things as I did before I became a Wac, then got real sick was put on bed rest for almost 10 days or longer was taken to emergency room said could not find out why the bleeding,was given of all things birth control only made it worse was sick so much had to redo basic 4 weeks but things got bad went up for discharge put in a company called Causality was told getting a medical signed papers got honorable discharged in June 1970 then later found out was not given medical like was told Just Honorable but came out was to be a PFC. but again on discharge says E1!! Wrong again but they said they would make it right. Have had all kinds of medical problems but every doctor would say we do not know why this is happening or we can not find anything but have had two many stomach surgical problems that stomach looks like road map, had lost babies but have no idea why, had son born with a paralyzed lung took to three baby specialist but have no idea why he was born this way! small birth cause had him at 7 mos, no reason why, then had him in May of 80 in that same year had to have hysterectomy because of insides were messed up another doctor said have no idea why? Now at 61 have sugar type 2, sleep apnea, liver and thyroid trouble goes elevated on the liver and the other does not work have the time, had slight stroke at age 49, feet feel like have socks on 24 7, bad infection in blood and you know most of this was not found by the VA hospital in my local state but in my hometown Nursing Home about the blood infection, sugar, blood pressure and etc!! To me the Government should had told us what was in the water as the did the town, helped us like they did the town and maybe just told US the TRUTH then maybe some of us would still be here with their families instead of having a Flag fly by their resting place.. We served Our Country we Now Need Your Help!!

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